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SEA adds its contribution to the work of the Labour Party Education Policy Commission

Andy Burnham invited the SEA, along with other organisations to make a submission to his education policy commission. After earlier discussion by the NEC, the SEA conference debated the key points for inclusion in our final submission.  To read our submission, click here.

Current Key Issues: Democracy in Education

Following Richard Hatcher's suggestions for a framework for local democracy in the school system and proposals by Eddie Playfair to remedy the present democratic deficit in education at national and regional levels, a general discussion of the issues took place at the SEA NEC on 20 March.

Current Key Issues: Diplomas

SEA welcomes the principle of a unified system of 14-19 examinations but is concerned that the implementation of the new diplomas is being rushed through without adequate consultation or piloting. Our President, Professor Richard Pring, summarises the situation.

Current Key Issues: Academies

S.E.A. has from the beginning opposed the setting up of Academies. It is affiliated to the Anti Academies Alliance.

Current Key Issues: Policy on Post-16 Education

An analysis of current provision and a vision for the future is here.

Summary of S.E.A. policy

This paper sets out S.E.A.'s current policy position. You are invited to comment. To read the paper, click here.