Professor Richard Pring launches an important new book - 'The Life and Death of Secondary Education for All'

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Richard Pring, SEA President, is launching his very powerful new book 'The Life and Death of Secondary Education for All: Dream or Reality' at a series of events around the country. Last Tuesday there was a reception at the University of Birmingham School of Education and this will be followed by events at the Institute of Education on November 26th and at Oxford University on January 30th 2013.

Melissa Benn, in her Guardian review on November 2nd, says of Richard, whom she rightly describes as 'the distinguished philosopher of education',  that he has written a  'contemplative, honest deliberation on how a genuinely comprehensive, locally managed and democratically accountable system could help forge a "common culture" in our diverse, fragmented society.

He is particularly convincing on the need for more practical education for all, to ensure genuine, deep learning: the importance of bringing a child's experience of the world to the classroom, there to meet "the best that has been thought and said", particularly in art, literature, music and drama: creative pursuits now being scaled back in many of our schools. He also persuasively rejects the ghastly language of "deliverology" and performance targets that kill off thoughtful teaching. '

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